ABOUT USVies Braves® is a pioneer company in designing, planning and promoting open water itineraries. Our routes afford exploring and enjoying natural environments and beautiful submarine landscapes from the water in a safe manner.

Free information and promotion sessions are held in each of the towns we are present in, suitable for all audiences, seeking to encourage meetings for swimming in a group, introduction into open water swimming and practicing snorkelling in a safe and beneficial way, fostering respect for natural environment. All sessions are held by qualified and trained instructors.


This pioneer and innovative initiative is a quality and distinguishing product for touristic destinies, promoting economical growth and overcoming seasonality through nature tourism.

We love and respect the sea; we are passionate about open water swimming and snorkelling. We wish that people experience getting thrilled through swimming or exploring one of our itineraries.

Miquel Sunyer

Extreme Long-distance swimmer, ideologist of the project and ambassador of the Costa Brava.



Company specialized into technical swimming equipment and aquatic training.



The Vies Braves project started in the Costa Brava in 2014. 10 routes among 8 Costa Brava towns formed the first season’s marine itineraries network. The initiative was driven by open water swimmer Miquel Sunyer and TechnojetSwim Company together with the support of the Patronat de Turisme de la Costa Brava, Dipsalut and the councils of the towns with Via Brava.

We currently count with 14 itineraries in 11 Costa Brava towns, 6 itineraries in 5 towns from the province of Barcelona and 4 itineraries in Barcelona City.