Converteix-te en un “Brave Swimmer”, podràs aconseguir regals exclusius!

 Acceptes el repte? Vull ser un "Brave Swimmer", què he de fer? "Molt fàcil", es tracta de nedar totes les Vies Braves d'una de les dues províncies (Girona o Barcelona) on estem presents, molt important, en una temporada! Zona de la Costa Brava Zona de Costa Barcelona i Barcelona Ciutat Què aconsegueixo si em converteixo [...]

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Vies Braves Whatsapp Service

Health and safety  in the Vies Braves  is our priority, so one of our most important recommendations is trying to do the activities in groups, notice that Vies Braves do not have lifeguard services. With this purpose, we have created Vies Braves WhatsApp groups,  so you can enjoy swimming in groups! What is it? Very [...]

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