Vies Braves, a pioneer initiative in the world!

Vies Braves is an open water public network of marine itineraries designed for sports, leisure and teaching activities.

Signs and buoys provide a safe way of enjoying open waters and exploring the shoreline from the sea.

Vies Braves allow you to combine activities such as swimming and snorkelling with trekking or running, as most of the routes run parallel to the existing coastal paths all along the shore, therefore affording the landscape’s discovery from different perspectives.

Vies Braves is a public-private initiative, unique in the world, designed to foster landscape as a touristic destiny for open water swimming and snorkelling.

“Swimming in the sea makes me feel free and alive, in intimate contact with nature”.
Miquel Sunyer, Open-water swimmer

Vies Braves has something for everybody

  • Nature lovers, Vies Braves for snorkelling and exploring the rich flora and fauna of the seabed.
  • Sports lovers, Vies Braves for swimming and enjoying the privileged natural environment.
  • Swimmers and triathletes, Vies Braves, the perfect place for open water training.

Vies Braves philosophy

  • Bringing people closer to the sea and open water swimming and allowing them to discover natural environments and beautiful underwater landscapes

  • Promoting open-water swimming and snorkelling contributing to the practice of healthy physical activities in a safe and beneficial way.

  • Encouraging respect for the environment and helping to protect the seabed.

  • Generate economic benefits and promote our destination trough responsible and sustainable tourism.