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Vies Braves® is a pioneering company worldwide in designing, planning and promoting marine and open water routes. Our itineraries allow you to safely explore and enjoy beautiful natural environments and underwater landscapes.

The strengths of the Vies Braves team: our human team!

Project drivers

«We love and respect the sea, and are passionate about open water swimming and snorkelling. We want people to experience the thrill of swimming or exploring one of our routes».

Miquel Sunyer

Extreme long-distance swimmer, the person who dreamt up the project and ambassador of the Costa Brava



Company in the swimming pool sector specialising in technical equipment for swimming and aquatic training.


Staff and promoters

Our open water swimming and snorkeling Guides will show you how to explore and enjoy safely our routes in open waters, which run through natural environments with beautiful underwater landscapes. They are the soul of this project, the ones who spread the values of the Vies Braves, and for that reason we want you to know them a little better. We will introduce them to you!

Marc Castanyer

Waterpolo Player & Open Water Swimmer

Marc is the Manager of Digital Media.

Maria Rossell

Open Water Swimmer & Wave Seeker

Maria is the Innovation and Project Development Responsible in Vies Braves. She started swimming at a very young age in Club Waterpolo Anglès, participating in many competitions and swimming events. Once at school she came back to swimming competitively and through the world of triathlon discovered open water swimming. Since 2010 she has been swimming everywhere and she has even crossed Gibraltar Strait!

Jordi Corominas

Open water Swimming Guide in the Calella, Pineda de Mar & Santa Susanna Vies Braves.

Jordi Corominas is passionate about water, the sea and swimming. He defines himself as a lucky person, why he is dedicated to what he really loves. Linked from the beginning to the project Vies Braves, graduated from the University of Girona in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, with a Master's degree in education and also is a Senior Swimming Coach and also a Triathlon.

Santi Escartín

Snorkelling Guide in the Lloret de Mar Via Brava.

He holds a degree in Biology and is the President of  Xatrac, Casa del Mar, an environmental association located in Fenals Platja. Santi encourages you to discover with him the marine seabed with him in Lloret!

David Ramos

Open water swimming and snorkelling Guide in the Cadaqués Via Brava.

About us

David, who is from Cadaqués, is a professional dive technician and amateur open water swimmer, as well as a great lover of the sea with an intimate knowledge of it.

Cira Navarro

Open water swimming and snorkeling Guide in the Pals & Calella de Palfrugell Vies Braves.

About us

Cira is an incredible, lively and vital girl, an exceptional swimmer, and very professional. He works as a coach in his personal project Cormoran Swim, totally aligned with the values of Vies Braves.

Jordi González

Open water swimming Guide in the Sant Feliu de Guíxols & Platja d'Aro Via Brava.

An experienced swimming guide, Jordi has accompanied us since 2014, promoting Vies Braves activities in both towns. Jordi knows all the nooks and crannies and secrets hidden away in these two beautiful Vies! He is a swimming and triathlon coach, and creator of the CA Xaloc triathlon section. He is very active in triathlon and is a finisher in Ironman and Half Ironman races and marathons.

Andrea Comaposada

Snorkeling Guide in the Calella, Pineda de Mar and Santa Susanna Vies Braves.

From a young age, the sea has fascinated her and she enjoys scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming. She is passionate about transmitting the knowledge learned through her professional experience and her degree in Marine Sciences. It motivates her to teach people about marine environmental conservation, and she is an environmental educator with Anèl·lides.

Sebastià Lleonart

Open water swimming and snorkelling Guide in the Tossa de Mar Via Brava.

Sebastià was born in Tossa de Mar and has a wide seafaring tradition. He graduated in Superior Technician in Navigation, Fishing and Maritime Transport and Higher Technician in Aquaculture Production. He also has the Advance Open Water Diver Diving and is an amateur swimmer.

Tintoreres Swimming Club

Open water swimming, swim run and snorkeling Guides in Llançà & Colera.

Tintoreres Swimming Club - Llançà is on open water swimming club in the municipality of Llançà. The Tintoreres will lead the swim run activities, as well as the snorkeling and the swimming free sessions in the area.

Meet them in Colera and Llançà!


Xavi Vallribera & Jim Marin

Open water swimming Guides in the Baells reservoir Via Brava

Toni Herrera

Snorkelling Guide in the Platja d'Aro

In Toni is a great coinosseur of the coast of Sant Feliu de Guíxols and Platja d'Aro. He is a Dive Master in Dive Different, a company providing marine and water related activities. He is a very well-know person in the area, as he was a pionner in setting up marine activities in both towns.

Hugo Rodríguez

Open water swimming and snorkeling Guide in the Salou Vies Braves.

Hugo is the founder and coach of Salou Swimming Club. It is an open water swimming and snorkeling experienced guide. He has been exploring the coast of Salou since he was a child, so he knows very well every Salou coast secret spots!

Gerard Zamora

Open water swimming and snorkeling Guide in the Salou Vies Braves.

Gerard majored in CAFE and is a certified swimming coach for the Spanish Swimming Federation. He is a federated swimmer and competes both in the pool and in open waters. His sports and professional beginnings were in Salou, and from a very young age he has enjoyed its coastline, where he trains and have fun in its waters and natural surroundings. 

Sònia Cervià

Snorkeling Guide in Via Brava Sant Feliu de Guíxols

Biologist born in 1974, in love with the sea and its fauna. Sonia suffers from a birth disease, which causes the contraction of her muscles, but fortunately does not prevent her from swimming. She began swimming in open waters 6 years ago and her best reward is the happiness that comes with it. Her challenge is not the km or the time taken to complete the swims, but finishing each of them successfully.