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How can we collaborate? Tell us who you are to see what we can do together

Vies Braves is an open project that offers collaboration agreements with different entities, whether for designing and signaling a Via Brava or organizing activities in the marine environment.

Town Councils

Design, marking, promotion and dynamization of marine itineraries and permanent SwimRun circuits

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Tourism brands

Socioeconomic and coastal study with the aim of carrying out a structured implementation of the project in the territory.

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Tourism establishments

Collaboration agreements with campsites, hotels, restaurants, and bars next to our itineraries.

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Sports Clubs

Packages to sports clubs that want to train swimming or simply enjoy and discover the Vies Braves.

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Travel agencies

We coordinate with travel agencies and tour operators to offer the best service to the end user.

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Tourism brands

Local administrations

Ajuntament Palafrugell

Environmental Sponsor

Environmental Entities

Platges Netes

Companies and collaborating entities