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«I don’t think I can describe how free it has made me feel to overcome that fear (of swimming in the sea). I suppose the smile on my face when I get into the water now says it all…; or the smile that I will always have when I see the beaches of Colera and Garbet… and Pat (the promoter). Many thanks to the whole Vies Braves team and my fellow swimmers who swam alongside me in the Vies Braves, I hope we see each other again soon! Cheers and here’s to the water!».
Jordi, user of Vies Braves
«I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, I tried it, I repeated it, and now I’m a fan! As a humble, slow-paced swimmer, I have shared my swims with fantastic people who did not hesitate to wait for me when we got separated, help out if necessary and give wise advice».

«Thanks to everybody, and especially Pau Lladó, Miquel Sunyer and the Vies Braves team for helping me discover that swimming in the open sea is a true pleasure. It is an experience that transforms the individual nature of this sport within four walls into an experience to share with a group.».

Irene, user of Vies Braves
«This year it was my turn to organise our wedding anniversary. My spouse had never swum in the open sea, so we hired a Vies Braves guide and the experience was a success. Many thanks.».
«I saw your website on a TV3 program and I am interested in trying one of the Vies Braves. I have been swimming regularly for 20 years, but I have never tried it in open water. I love the idea of the activities you are offering».
«Thanks for the experience, nothing compares to swimming in the open sea!».
«I want to let you know that I am a student at the University of Girona and I have been able to use these swimming meetups to get credits towards my degree».
«Hi. First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the way you are running this project; everybody is talking about it, and more and more people are daring to swim in the sea thanks to your routes. Thanks in advance and, again, congratulations».