Vies Braves activities agenda

Vies Braves activities agenda2019-03-01T09:50:55+00:00

Enjoy our experiences

Guided Swims

For Beginners and Amateurs

Guided Snorkelling

Explore the seabed


NonStop Vies Braves

Swim 8K to 10K by stages

SwimRun “Mar d’Amunt”

Run & Swim without transitions

sunset swim

Sunset Swim

Swimming and relaxation at sunset

Swim & Breakfast

Swimming & Breakfast

Swim by MoonLight

Swimming under the Moonlight

Swim Susqueda

Swim Susqueda

(Coming soon more info and dates)

Experiències Vies Braves

Booking your Guide

Swim with a private Guide

Swimming holidays

Swimming Holidays

Custom Swim vacations

Seabed Clean-Ups

Keep clean our coastline


For children from 14 to 17 years old