Discover the Vies Braves Experiences

Discover the Vies Braves Experiences2019-02-14T19:53:21+00:00

Guided Swims

Schedules available from May

For Beginners and Amateurs

Guided Snorkelling

Schedules available from May

Explore the seabed


NonStop Vies Braves

Registrations on sold!

Swim 8K to 10K by stages

SwimRun “Mar d’Amunt”

Registrations on sold!

Run & Swim without transitions

sunset swim

Sunset Swim

Swimming and relaxation at sunset

Swim & Breakfast

Swimming & Breakfast

Swim by MoonLight

Swimming under the Moonlight

Swim Susqueda

Swim Susqueda

Swim where nobody has ever done it

Experiències Vies Braves

Booking your Guide

Swim with a private Guide

Swimming holidays

Swimming Holidays

Custom Swim vacations

Seabed Clean-Ups & Eco-Swimming

Keep clean our coastline


For children from 14 to 17 years old

Search the experiences of each Via Brava

Choose one Via Brava to see all the experiences that will take place