Booking your Vies Braves’ private Guide

Booking your Vies Braves’ private Guide2018-05-11T08:40:50+00:00

An experienced Vies Braves Swim Guide will accompany you at your convenience

Your Vies Braves’ private Guide for groups up to 15 swimmers

What’s included:

  • 2 hours of Vies Braves experienced and qualified private swim Guide: Overview on the swimming itinerary, safety recommendations, warm-up exercices, swimming activity (1-3 km) and stretching session after the swim.
  • 1 Vies Braves swimming cap (gift for each swimmer).
  • 1 Vies Braves map including all itineraries (gift for each swimmer).
  • Vies Braves safety buoy rental per swimmer (to be used during swimming).
  • Insurance for activity
  • Optional: Wetsuit hire 35€.- per person (to specify sizes previously)

Price: from 220 € (inculdes VAT)

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