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 Vies Braves GrandPrix

The Vies Braves GrandPrix is an activity that promotes participation in the popular “travesías” or swimming races that are organised in the different towns involved in the project. Many of these races follow part or all of the Via Brava in the town in question, and swimmers can take part in them competitively.

During the 2017 season, Vies Braves will again promote local races in towns with a Via Brava: many of them follow part or all of the Via.

We encourage you to take part in these races:

Send us a photo to prove that you have taken part in 3 of the races on the Costa Brava, and in 1 on the Costa Barcelona, and we will give you an exclusive Vies Braves t-shirt!

Races you can take part in on the Costa Brava:

Date Town Year Register
02/07/17 Tossa de Mar XIX Travessia de la Badia de Tossa Register closed–>
09/07/17 Lloret de Mar 32ª Badia de LLoret Register closed–>
14/07/17 Llançà 3ª Travessia popular Verge del Carme Register closed–>
12/08/17 El Port de la Selva VIII Port de la Selva Register closed–>
13/08/17 Sant Feliu de Guíxols Travessia de Sant Feliu de Guíxols Register closed–>
XX/08/17 Palafrugell 94ª Travessia de la Badia de LLafranc Register here–>
03/09/17 Platja d’Aro XIV Travessia Platja d’Aro Register here–>
09/09/17 Cadaqués Port de Cadaqués Register here–>

Races you can take part in on the Costa Barcelona:

Date Town Year Register
23/07/17 La Baells 17ª Travessia de la Baells Register closed–>
06/08/17 Sitges LXVIII Travessia Nedant de Sitges Register closed–>
03/09/17 Calella 28ª Travessia Platja de Calella Register here–>