NonStop Vies Braves South Costa Brava 10K – 03/08/2019

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Saturday August 3th 2019
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It’s a noncompetitive one day swimming event held over the “Vies Braves” itineraries in Costa Brava (Spain), where a group of 50 swimmers will swim and enjoy the best locations of the Costa Brava Shoreline!

Participants will swim into 6 different Vies Braves’ itineraries, a total of 10K.

Transfers between swims will be made by bus. We remind it is not compulsory to swim all itineraries!

Main information Event

Ther Tour*

10 kilometers through stages – 6 Vies Braves – Incredible landscapes

  • Distance: 1.2K

  • Approximate start time: 8:10 H.

  • Estimated swim time: 40′

See Via Brava
  • Distance: 1.3K

  • Approximate start time: 9:25 H.

  • Estimated swim time: 45′

See Via Brava
  • Distance: 1.6K

  • Approximate start time: 11:25 H.

  • Estimated swim time: 55′

See Via Brava
  • Distance: 2K

  • Approximate start time: 13:10 H.

  • Estimated swim time: 60′

See Via Brava
  • Distance: 2.4K

  • Approximate start time: 15:20 H.

  • Estimated swim time: 90′

See Via Brava
  • Distance: 1.5K

  • Approximate start time: 18:00 H.

  • Estimated swim time: 45′

See Via Brava
* The tour can be modified according to the organization

What’s included

Register price: 70€ (VAT incl.)

  • Insurance
  • Bus transfer between all swims (return trip to starting point at lloret de Mar about 20:30h)
  • Score boats/Kayaks and guides will assist swimmers during all swims.
  • The bag with clothes will be left at the bus.
  • The organization will provide drinks and fruit
  • Gift Bag for all participants.

Meeting point & Time

Saturday 3th of August 2019

7:30 H. in bus stop of the avenue Mas Romeu, is located at the first roundabout at the entrance of Lloret de Mar. Entrance Girona – AP7

See meeting point on Google Maps ->

Registrations Sold Out
Waiting List Open

Rules and recommendations

  • We suggest to bring several swimwear and towel, as well as comfortable and quick clothes to put and take.
  • There is no need to swim all the routes that are proposed. you are of course able to swim as much or as little of this as you like.
  • Slower swimmers will should pay special attention during the transitions.
  • Wetsuits are not allowed on the seat area of the bus. If you bring one, during transfers will be place at the bus winery.
  • Transitions will have time enough, so that swimmers wearing a wetsuit can put it on and take it off comfortably
  • Swimmers must be prepared before the bus arrives at the beginning of each Via Brava (except wetsuit swimmers’).
  • Registrations will be open until Thursday August 4th, at 23:59 or until seats are sold out (maximim 45 swimmers).
  • To register for Vies Braves Non Stop, athletes must be 14 years old or older. Those under the age of 18 who wish to participate must complete the Authorization Form for underage & be accompanied by an adult throughout the day
In no case will the registration fee be refunded, except that the organization cancel the event, either due to bad weather or for the impossibility of finding a B plan, in which case the organization will return 90% of the registration fee to all participants.

Meals and supplies

  • Throughout the event, the organization will provide water & drink.
  • Registration does not include food neither meals.
  • You can eat on the bus during transfer between swims. There will not be an specific stop for eating.

Services and logistics

  • Meting point will be 7:30 H. in bus stop of the avenue Mas Romeu, is located at the first roundabout at the entrance of Lloret de Mar. Entrance Girona – AP7. Event’s first swim is scheduled to start at this Beach at 8:10 a.m.
  • The bus will return to the meeting point once the event is over, it is estimated that it will be around 8:30 PM.
  • Click here to see meeting point on Google Maps
  • It is advised that all swimmers take a bag inside the cabin of the bus with dry clothes and meal.
  • Escort boat and kayaks will support the group during all swims.
  • The organization will provide a first Aid Kit will be at the busA “portable defibrillator” will also be available during the entire event by the organization.

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Come to enjoy the South of the Costa Brava, we look forward to you!

Registrations Sold Out
Waiting List Open