Free Swimming Pack Costa Brava

Free Swimming Pack Costa Brava




The Vies Braves Free Swimming Pack is the ideal and most complete equipment for your swimming trips on Vies Braves or anywhere.

The Free Swimming Pack includes:

  • A Vies Braves yellow silicone swimming cap, perfect to make you visible into the sea while swimming and also an excellent thermal protection for you.
  • The Vies Braves Floating Dry Bag: high visibility, light weight and durable material. Floating safety device with excellent buoyancy to assist swimmer. Specially designed to carry items when swimming (e.g. wallet, shoes, phone, towel…etc.). Low resistance and fully adjustable to fit any swimmer.
  • The 2017 Vies Braves Map including all Costa Brava swimming itineraries: The map will provide essential information of all Vies Braves swimming itineraries in Costa Brava. Map contains all the technical information of each route, general safety recommendations, biodiversity and characteristics of the seabed the swimmer will find when exploring the shoreline.
    With the map you can swim, explore and enjoy Vies Braves on your own.
  • And the Vies Braves yellow bag: to easily and comfortably carry all you swimming equipment and personal belongings.



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