Vies Braves of Maresme participate in the Ultra Clean Marathon

Last Friday, May 10th, Vies Braves participated in the first strech by sea of ​​the Ultra Clean Marathon with a 6-kilometer ecoswimming in Santa Susanna, Pineda and Calella.

The penultimate strech of the Ultra Clean Marathon took place in the sea. In Blanes, the ambassadors of the race embarked on a kayak and covered the 34 kilometers that separate the town from Mataró. Throughout the route, Albert Bosch and Nicole Ribera had Rai Puig, an adventurer of SK Kayak, as well as other kayaks of the Pagaya Club and SK Kayak alongside them. Also a group of swimmers from Vies Braves swam 6 kilometers of the route accompanying Bosch and Ribera.

Along the course, different cleaning actions were carried out on beaches and peaks. Precisely in Calella, a municipality with Via Brava, the students of the Escola Pia in the fourth year of primary school cleaned Garbí Beach, while waiting for the passage of the Ultra Clean Marathon delegation. The penultimate stage has allowed to collect 105 kilos of waste (15 kg of containers, 38 kg of glass and 52 kg of other types).

Most found waste

  • Most common waste: towels, highly polluting because they are not biodegradable as people think.
  • Curious waste: helium balloons that once they are left ending in any natural space.
  • More dangerous waste: glass. That has been considered more dangerous for two reasons: on the beach it is very easy to take damage with the glass that can be found in the sand and the mountain due to the high risk of fire.

How to practice ecoswimming

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