Vies Braves will swim 6KM in the Ultra Clean Marathon

The 2nd edition of the Ultra Clean Marathon (UCM) will travel 700 kilometers in 7 days around Catalonia by bicycle, running and kayaking. Vies Braves will be in the Stage 6 of the UCM, swimming 6KM between the Vies of Santa Susanna, Pineda de Mar and Calella de la Costa.

This UCM will take place from May 5th through the 11th and will pass through landscapes of great beauty, while raising environmental awareness.
Albert Bosch and Nicole Ribera are once again the ambassadors of this event and will participare in all of the seven stages collecting waste while pedaling, running and paddling in the sea.

Vies Braves will be participating in the Stage 6 of the UCM, which goes from Blanes to Mataró and passes through the coast of Maresme.  Vies Braves has set up a group of swimmers that will accompany the ambassadors (Bosch i Ribera) as they kayak to Mataró.

What is the Ultra Clean Marathon about?

The Ultra Clean Marathon is a 700Km challenge whose aim is to raise environmental awareness. One of the novelties this year is the combination of different disciplines. Last year’s Ambassadors, Bosc and Ribera, ran the distance of a marathon every day for seven days, and this year they will combine running stages with bicycle and kayak stages. Thus, out of the seven planned stages, two will be by bicycle and two more by kayak. The three central stages will be completed by running. In total,  Bosch and Ribera will complete 700 kilometers departing from and arriving to Barcelona.

How does Vies Braves participates in the UCM?

Vies Braves shares many of the values promoted by the Ultra Clean Marathon initiative. Last year, Miquel Sunyer, co-founder of Vies Braves, was already involved in it. Since Stage 6 of the UCM goes through several town with Vies Braves (Santa Susanna, Pineda de Mar and Calella), the team of Vies Braves has made up a team of 4 swimmers who will unite the sea lanes of the Maresme coast. The starting point will be Santa Susanna and the arrival point Calella. Thus, on Friday, a small group of swimmers from Vies Braves will join the UCM entourage to make an eco-swimming of 6 kilometers between the municipalities mentioned before. An eco-swimming is a movement driven by Miquel Sunyer, which simply consists of picking up the litter that can be found swimming in the sea and then throw it in the corresponding container.

What values promote the Ultra Clean Marathon?

This year’s Ultra Clean Marathon aims to promote public awareness and mobilization, reduce waste in natural areas and promote conservation measures of nature. At the same time, it seeks the commitment of people who practice sports in nature to take care of the environment, both individually and when they participate in organized competitions, which must be sustainable. The UCM also wants to recognize the work of the environmental entities that work in the country. According to the Secretary of Environment and Sustainability, Marta Subirà, “it is important to grow the social mass aware of nature and linked to environmental entities.

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