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As well as the many activities that Vies Braves offers users, we also have a variety of services to provide different options to people who are interested in the project so that they can swim any day and at any time.

We offer the following services:

  • Vies Braves guides

Si vols gaudir de les Vies Braves sense cap preocupació, contracta un dels nostres guies. T’acompanyarà durant tota l’excursió, i et mostrarà els racons més bonics dels nostres itineraris. El preu inclou el material tècnic necessari (boia de seguretat) i, a més, una gorra exclusiva Vies Braves de regal.

  • Whatsapp Vies Braves

Health and safety  in the Vies Braves  is our priority, so one of our most important recommendations is trying to do the activities in groups, notice that Vies Braves do not have lifeguard services.

With this purpose, we have created Vies Braves WhatsApp groups,  so you can enjoy swimming in groups!

What is it? Very easy! Vies Braves have created a WhatsApp group   in every town where we are present. In this way, users can interact with each other  quickly and efficiently, in order to swim together.

  • How do I add myself to the Vies Braves community? Please send a WhatsApp number +34618 86 44 66 indicating the following information:

  1. REGISTRE + Town where the Via Brava is present (ex: REGISTRE + LLORET)
  2. First and last name
  3. Email Contact

  • ATTENTION! This phone number will not answer calls or WhatsApp or SMS. It is a tool to add up for each town groups and Vies Braves Team will be the only administrator of each group. For any questions please send an e-mail

  • frequently asked questions:

  1. Will I be added to the group immediately? You will be added to the group within  1 to  5 days.
  2. Can I subscribe to more than one town? Yes. Each user can register in three towns maximum.
  3. Vies Braves will manage the groups according to its correct use and operation. It will also be responsible for adding members to the groups in order to put users with similar interests in contact.

We are passionate about open water swimming and snorkelling and we want to bring as many people as possible to the sea and open waters, but always safely.

Please remember if you want to enjoy  all the activities on the Vies Braves you can follow  us on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to our website.