Vies Braves workcamps

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The Vies Braves workcamps are an innovative activity where young people become experts in the marine environment and take part in helping to protect it.

What are they?

Each volunteer participates altruistically in the work projects (environmental, social, heritage, archaeological or cultural), individually or in a group. In exchange, they receive accommodation, food and the chance to enjoy educational leisure activities.

The young people live and work together for two weeks to do projects and services in the host community.

What is a camp like?

Vies Braves workcamps are innovative and fun, encouraging cooperation and personal development. At the same time, through snorkelling, they allow young people to explore, discover and preserve the Catalan coast.

Camp participants will learn many things that will turn them into sources of knowledge who inform and help other users of the coast to enjoy the environment in a respectful and appropriate way.

The main activities are done by snorkelling along a stretch of the coastline that has been marked out by the Vies Braves project. The tasks carried out include:

  • Creating a video in which camp participants are the actors, directors and scriptwriters.
  • Observing and identifying species using the Natusfera platform.
  • Organising a marine clean-up day.
  • Participating in training days (ecology, zoology, first aid, etc.).

As well as all these activities, don’t forget all the leisure activities!

+ info and registration: www.xatrac.org/camp-treball

Who organises them?

These workcamps were devised and created by Xatrac, and Anèl·lides marine environmental services also participates in organising them. Both organisations have a professional team made up of graduates in biology, oceanography and leisure, with all the experience and motivation needed to make this workcamp something the young people will never forget.

They will learn values like respect, empathy, teamwork and critical thinking. And above all, they will have fun!

With the collaboration of Vies Braves, Ajuntament de Sitges, Ajuntament de Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Ajuntament de Llançà and Centre d’Estudis del Mar de la Diputació de Barcelona.