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Via Brava Les Caletes

Costa Barcelona

Via Brava Features


  • Lenght: 1 Km

  • Estimated Swim Time: 15 – 25 min.

  • Difficulty: Medium

  • Maximum width 200 m beach – 50 m rocks.

  • Users: Swimmers, snorkels

  • Opening Season: June – October

  • Water temperature: 14ºC – 25ºC

  • Water salinity: 36-38 grms/l.

  • Seabed type: Sand

  • Winds: Prevailing South winds.

Video of the Via Brava

The best equipment to Swim in Vies Braves

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The origins of Santa Susanna date back to the time when the land of the valley located between the hill and the hill of Grace Guard as well as the plan Balasch began to be populated by farmers.