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Via Brava Pins – Pescadors

Costa Barcelona

Via Brava Features


  • Lenght: 0,5 Km

  • Width 200 m beach.

  • Swim perimetre0,9 Km

  • Estimated Swim Time: 13 – 22 min.

  • Difficulty: Medium

  • Users: Swimmers, snorkels

  • Opening Season: May – October

  • Water temperature: 14ºC – 25ºC

  • Water salinity: 36-38 grms/l.

  • Seabed type: Sand

  • Winds: Prevailing South winds.

Vies Braves activities in Pineda de Mar

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Brief Pineda de Mar History

Pineda de Mar is located in an enviable environment, between the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra del Montnegre. It’s an authentic Mediterranean village with a seafaring tradition. Of clear Mediterranean climate, the marine breezes that are framed in the mountains temper the hot summers and warm the mild winters, achieving a perfect climate all year round, to enjoy with the family, the nature and the most popular traditions.

In spite of the existence of the castle and some isolated farms, the formation of the first urban area of ​​the present Pineda de Mar did not arrive until the consecration of the church of Santa Maria, in 1079, and with the formation of the town of Sa Boada, first urban area around the church of Santa María de Pineda.

It is possible that this first settlement located in the high parts of the territory could have given rise to the name of our town, Pineda, mentioned for the first time in 947, with the toponym Pineta, that in Latin means high place.