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Via Brava Calella – Llafranc

Costa Brava

Via Brava Features


  • Lenght: 1 Km

  • Estimated Swim Time: 15 – 25 min.

  • Difficulty: Low

  • Maximum width 200 m beach – 50 m rocks.

  • Users: Swimmers, snorkels

  • Opening Season: June – October

  • Water temperature: 14ºC – 25ºC

  • Water salinity: 36-38 grms/l.

  • Seabed type: rock – sand – posidonia.

  • Winds: Prevailing South East winds.

Video of the Via Brava

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Brief Palafrugell History

All the towns that form part of the municipality of Palafrugell have a special charm, but when you visit Calella de Palafrugell you’ll discover that it sounds wonderful as well. Listen to the waves of the Mediterranean in a town that has preserved its seafaring spirit like no other. Listen to the silence, peace and calm of the beaches and coves, authentic paradises hidden away from it all. And listen to music on summer nights, with the traditional performance of havaneres (colonial sea shanties) and the prestigious Cap Roig Festival, two essential experiences to be enjoyed in this stunning setting.