Via Brava Platja d’Aro – s’Agaró2019-10-22T13:01:11+00:00

Via Brava Platja d’Aro – s’Agaró

Costa Brava

Via Brava Features


  • Lenght: 2 Km

  • Estimated Swim Time: 30 – 50 min.

  • Difficulty: High

  • Maximum width 200 m beach – 50 m rocks.

  • Users: Swimmers, snorkels

  • Opening Season: June – October

  • Water temperature: 14ºC – 25ºC

  • Water salinity: 36-38 grms/l.

  • Seabed type: rock – sand – posidonia.

  • Winds: Prevailing south-westerly winds.

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Brief Platja d’Aro History

Platja d’Aro is one of the tourist towns par excellence in Baix Empordà and one of the main Costa Brava destinations. It offers round-the-clock entertainment with no shortage of leisure options and activities. In the morning, for example, you can go for a swim at the main beach or at one of the nearby little coves. The early evening is a good time for strolling and shopping, making the most of the cooler temperatures. When the sun goes down it’s time to enjoy the terraces, bars and restaurants. And if you get the chance to come back in October, there’s plenty of beer on tap in the Autumn Festival, better known as the Beer Festival.